Friday, May 21, 2010


Alhamdulillah keputusan penuh aku dah kuar.

keputusann kali ni lagi teruk dari sem lepas. tapi x de fail alhamdulillah..

pada mulanya aku rasa cuak gila coz' kawan aku kata aku ada fail satu m/p.
selamat aku...
Ari ni aku berpeluang ntuk on9 tapi sekejap je..
however aku rasa lega coz' keputusan aku menggembirakan aku...

se ya again chow...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Short post for big experiences.

Ho Ho or Latte???
Hmm, I don know. Both are delicious. However, I wont talk about this ho ho or latte thing. I want to share one or two things that happened to me this last two to three week.

Last three week I was chosen to perform a nasyid performance in the Kelab Iqra'( an Islamicassociation in UTHM) Annual Grand Meeting, with the other 5 friends Mierul, Sahrul, Bazli, Muiz, and Fizi. On our first practice day, we discussing on what songs should we sang on that ceremony. At first we are about to sing the song Sesungunhnya from Raihan and Kelahiran from In-Team. Lastly we agreed to sang Pengharapan Jiwa and Sesungguhnya as a medley.

The performance went well, and we sang greatly but not as good as the Raihan or In-Team. But, we all are satisfied and happy, especially there are free food to eat( Wooohooo..... yummy).

Last week, I were celebrating my 19th Birthday party. This party is quite diffrent than the one I had before. It was the first time I celebrating my Birthday 2 times a year. The first one is conducted by my friends, Aizuddin, Emi, Amirul, Wan, Basha, Izzat and, Faizul, and not to forget my house mate brother Amin and Nadiy. That time I were felt really sleepy, however the way my friend act that night make me felt uncomfortable so I decided to be cautious. My thought was right, they are celebrating my birthday. Thanks god, there are no flying eggs towards me.

The second party was made by family. A week before, after my birthday celebration with my friends, my mom phone call me and said want to came by for a moment. That is nothing weird to me because she said my brother has a friend here at Parit Raja. What makes me felt something weird is she suddenly want to talk to one of my friend and don't want me to any about their conversation. so, I were suspecting something, that is birthday celebration. However, I was acting like nothing would happen and I make their plan works as planned. That time I were hanging around in my friend room( the one that near the backdoor) and the room door were closed. Few minutes later my mom came in with a cake on her palm. Even though I knew their plan but I felt really happy.

Few days ago, my PC was upgraded its RAM. I felt really happy about it, but my happiness does not last long, my PC power supply making a 'POP' sound blowing out a black smoke out of it power supply. My PC can still operating but I don't want to take a risk.

Yesterday, I and my friend are celebrating my friend, Sarah, birthday on March 13, 2010. We had a great time that time. This celebration is planned by Emi.

Hmm, I guess that is enough for now.
I really don't have much thing to shared because I'm not a journalist my self.
I hope you readers enjoy reading my experiences this last three week.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Today I had contacted with my friend, Liyana. It has been a long time we haven't met since she went to Arau, Perlis for her matriculation and I went to Batu Pahat, Johor for my diploma's.

I started recontact her last Thursday, January 21, 2010. That day, she felt angry to me and she scolded me for not contact with for long times. In that moment, I felt that day was not my day. After I apologize to her, she accept my mistakes and forgive it.

Today we had a chat, sharing what we have experience today one-to-another.

Hmm, if all of you think that girl is my GIRLFRIEND you are wrong. She is MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!

Okay, I guess there is no use of telling long stories if non of you interested in my story.
As an addition, sometimes short stories but full of info's are the best stories among the best.

Okay then. Good Bye...................

Saturday, January 9, 2010

pending post

Its been a long time I didn't post anything and log in to my blog.

I take a risk by spending my money for on9. Well, I don't want to miss my connection with my friend. I dont have many thing to say here but, all I can say is I love my friend very much.....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2dAy's Act-T.V.T

Today I accompanying my friend Amirul to the Melewar Computer Labs. I take this advantage to post new thing on my blog. Well, this place is quite messy but I don't care as long there are place for me to on9 for free.....

Today, I have math class. It really great. The lecture, Haji Sazali, taught us about statistics. Its really fun even though statistic is one of the chapter that I don't like. However, I need to learn those if I want to know about management.

Well, that all for today. Don't think the bad of me, I still got more story on my sleeve....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Trying to Improve things out

Today I had one class only. However, I felt a bit tired maybe due to lack of rest... I have a friend here but I called him my brother. WHY?? Because of his kindness... Only ALLAH knows how many times he help me out.
Well, today I have re-edit my blog today and I hope you enjoy it.
See Ya!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Any Question???

Lately, I'm busy posting a myth to the discovery channel.

Why? Co'z I want to know if the event that questioning in my mind can happens or not according to the scientific methods.

If you have any myth or movies stun effect you want to know if its plausible or not you can post them to in the discover channel website.

Why you should do that?
Co'z there are senior member that may share information and opinion with you, and the myth busters team will put to the test. They are Adam Savage and Jamie.

In oder to help you, Try use the URL I give below. It is really helpful.

Owh, I almost forget tell you all that URL not just brought you to the website for posting a myth, its also enable you to discuss a myth posted by others. For examples like mine, the topic was Metal Orbit. Try it out okay...

* The picture of the Mythbusters team.